s a p a

Breaking up for three years. Pennsylvania.

Does becoming an adult in 2014 mean that the majority of the photos on your phone are second opinion selfies in the Gap’s dressing room?

Potential Suitor: Hey girl! I see you staring at me. You thinkin' some dirty thoughts?
SLP Grad Student: Nothing that a little cerebrospinal fluid couldn't wash away after a good nights sleep.
Potential Suitor: *walks away mortified*

Last night I had a dream that my high school friends and I were at a bar together. Two of them told me they were moving home (one of which is my best friend). I only realized that this dream was a nightmare when I woke up and it wasn’t reality.

I can’t find the words to describe how nervous I am for this Fall’s semester. I keep looking at every syllabus I have, thinking about how stressed I’m going to be each week.

I wasted this entire summer on sleeping in and exercising. I know that can probably be easily romanticized, but I don’t have the energy to bring myself to do it.